Baby Steps, 2022
charcoal, ink, water colour pencil & collage on paper
30 x 59.4 cm


a narrative

The woman looks out of a window whilst a man looks at her. 
The man looks at a woman whilst she looks out of a window.

Her body faces towards the man.
His body faces away from the woman.

They had argued in a previous different scene [1]. Here, the man’s choice to
confront the woman at her work place, a museum, is in limbo. She has already served him,
her mind is on the water outside, she wants to hear it speak [2].

From another realm but here also, carved from a solid piece of wood, a travelled warrior sits on their horse.
They are a mediator and look to a patterned figure in the form of a metal grille.

She thinks : if my body is 80 - 90 % water and theirs is not, how do we meet in the middle?

Present, the water responds, bypassing boarders and signalling messages between the characters.

They discuss and coordinate.

1. Couple Arguing, Ghana 1960, Marc Riboud
2. ~ the water speaks on letting go, Ọlákìítán Adéolá

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